Putting Mindfulness into Practice

Overcome Your Fear of Flying through Mindfulness and Change the Way You Think about Airplanes and Flying!

Just knowing more about aviation alone isn't enough to change the way you think and feel about airplanes and flying.

If you are nervous or afraid to fly, download and listen to this powerful 30-Minute Audio Program now!

Take advantage of Capt Ron's expertise in both Aviation and Psychology to explain in "plane" language how you can start using mindfulness, today!  

Experience immediate relief! Listen to a meditation using our unique FearlessFlight® Neuro-Sync™ brain stimulation, embedded in the meditation track.

Here is what you get!


This Powerful Audio Program consists of THREE audio tracks, totaling over 30 minutes of indispensable information for anyone who experiences anxiety!

Learn what Mindfulness is and how it is a key component for fearful flyers who want successfully manage and overcome their Fear of Flying!

Experience the same digital audio technology used in our Flagship Program, The FearlessFlight® Kit!


[ 04:35min ]

How exactly Mindfulness and Audio can assist fearful flyers


[ 12:51min ]

Why Mindfulness is a tool you can use ANYTIME you are anxious or worried!


[ 13:23min ]

Experience a FearlessFlight® Neuro-Sync™ Meditation

Powerful 30-Minute Audio Program for ANYONE who is nervous or afraid to fly!

Putting  Mindfulness into Practice 101

Why Fearful Flyers need Mindfulness!


Most fearful flyers are clueless that they’ve lost control of their attention, or that they can get their control back - and change the way they think about flying.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Improve your ability to manage stressful situations, such as at the gate, when the door is closing, on takeoff, or during turbulence

Increase Your Focus

To pay attention and concentrate on the tools and strategies that help you overcome your anxiety related to airplanes and flying

Increase Your Resilience

Mindfulness helps you increase your capacity to overcome challenges related to your specific triggers that freak you out now!

Improve Emotional Fluency

Instead of getting spooked when you hear an unfamiliar sound, you increase your ability to move from one emotional state to another!

Improve Your Physical Well-being

You learn how to regulate your biological responses, which is to say, how to "take your foot off the gas and put on your brakes".

Improve Your Confidence

The more you do it, the better you get! Enjoy the meditation for you!

Capt Ron Nielsen

Known as Capt Ron to many thousands of fearful flyers he has helped since 1987, is an internationally recognized fear of flying expert.

Growing up in rural Indiana, since second grade, he longed to become a pilot and “rise above” those “surly bonds” of earthly existence.

An Air Force Academy graduate with a tour in Vietnam, Captain Ron Nielsen accumulated over 20,000 hours during his career as a commercial pilot flying a Boeing 737.

As a recognized authority in human factors and pilot performance, Ron designed and delivered programs to reduce the likelihood of aviation accidents due to human error.

He served on the Air Transport Association’s Human Factors Subcommittee and has spoken at numerous national conferences on human factors in aviation.

His love of aviation and curiosity about the role of psychology in pilot performance led him to an M.A. in Professional Counseling and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Human Resources.

Capt Ron has devoted most of his adult life exploring learning technologies to understand how adults best learn. He holds current Certificates in MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) and in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

Capt Ron Nielsen is also the author and creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul Presents The FearlessFlight Kit®.

He is also the author of the international bestselling book "How to Overcome Fear of Flying".

Mr. Nielsen is a keynote speaker on fear of flying, conflict resolution and performance management. As an aviation industry expert, he has been featured on The Today Show, Weekend Live, NBC’s Nightly News, CSNBC, and MSNBC.

He has also been featured in nationally recognized publications like USA Today, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal.

FearlessFlight® has been featured on...


Capt Ron and FearlessFlight® have been featured on many TV, Radio, News, Blogs and Podcasts since 1987!

 "Capt Ron Nielsen is the real deal! He claimed he was going to be able to help one of my producers, who was afraid to fly, help her manage her anxiety. And he delivered! A 40-year veteran pilot, he also brings psychological expertise, humor and a genuine belief that you can overcome your fear of flying - and he is right!   

Jeff Rossen
The Rossen Report - NBC, ABC, Fox News

What other (former) fearful flyers say   

Fear of flying is an anxiety disorder. This can be difficult to accept.


However, rest assured you are in good company here at FearlessFlight®.

Many thousands of fearful flyers have gained their wings back over the last 35+ years! Most of them thought they were they only one. Many of them waited for an average of 10(!) years before they contacted FearlessFlight® and successfully learned to manage and overcame their fear of flying.

I attempted to fly 12 years ago, but paramedics had to remove me from the plane, as I was hyperventilating so severely once they closed the door that they were afraid I was going into cardiac arrest

  The way you talk about the psychology of fear of flying and the mechanics of flying really made me feel confident I can overcome this awful phobia.

  We just returned from the Bahamas last week.You have given my husband and I a new lease on life.

 I just peacefully and calmly flew in and out of Vegas last week, and thought of you. We fearful flyers are so fortunate to have you Capt Ron!

Since I found you, I've probably been on 30 flights and 100K miles, and bang, no more worries or fear!

China, Thailand, over the Pacific Ocean in the middle of nowhere, between Greenland and Iceland with turbulence...

- it's all good, thanks to you and FearlessFlight!

I missed out on a lot of things and lost a lot of money cancelling flights.

 But that was nothing compared to the nagging feeling there is something fundamentally  wrong with me.

Thanks to you Capt Ron, I listened to the meditation audio track every day leading up to my flight. It was exactly what I needed!

I highly recommend ANYTHING Capt Ron and FearlessFlight offer for us fearful flyers! Thank you!

Susan Poynter

American Family Insurance, AZ

Ulrich Honighausen

American Family Insurance, AZ

Colleen Vosicky

High School Teacher, NV

Putting Mindfulness into Practice

Overcome Your Fear of Flying through Mindfulness and Change the Way You Think about Airplanes and Flying!

Powerful 30-Minute Audio Program