Capt Ron, I only have 7 days or less to get on my next flight.... what should I do?

First of all, do not despair! You are in the right place - and you are not alone! Take comfort in the fact that literally thousands of fearful flyers from around the world have been exactly where you are finding yourself right now. 

As I shared with you in our 15 Minute Coaching session, if you have a flight coming  up, even if it's in 48 hours or less, there is a tool my team and I created which is designed to bring you IMMEDIATE RELIEF! This tool has been the most popular fear of flying relief for over 22 years now. It is called the FearlessFlight® Kit.

You will find everything you need to get on that next flight in the links below:

The FearlessFlight Kit

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Not sure? Sample the FFK!

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Watch a Demo

Watch a 5min demo of Capt Ron walking you through the FFK on your phone.

Even with just 7 days or less to go, one of the questions I get often is:

Capt Ron, I got the FearlessFlight Kit. I am using it and I can feel it's helping. Is there anything else I can do?

In 35 years of working with and learning from thousands of fearful flyers, I’ve learned that there are three areas in which you need to focus your efforts to overcome your fear of flying. 

These three elements represent the core of the FearlessFlight Method: 

1) Learn to distract and disrupt your thinking
The shortest path to flying fearlessly is to learn how to disrupt obsessive thought loops and retake control over your attention so that YOU control where your attention goes and NOT your fight-or-flight response - The FearlessFlight Kit is designed to do just that!
2) Education
You need to educate yourself about all things flying and the psychology of fear triggered by flying. 

The Cleared for Takeoff 201 Global Online Course is the most comprehensive collection of on-demand and live educational material exclusively designed to help you overcome your fear of flying!

As I shared with you in our 15 Minute Coaching session, your very best option to understand and overcome your fear of flying is to enroll in the Cleared for Takeoff 201 Global Online Course.

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CFT 201 Online Course

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Not sure?  Whatch Highlights

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Book a 60min Coaching Session

Whether you enroll in the CFT201 or not, spending an hour with Capt Ron is worth it.

 3) Social Connection and Support
Remember, you are not alone! Joining with other like-minded and similarly afflicted people not only feels good, it heals the shame and embarrassment you feel. It also stimulates production of oxytocin, which plays a role in social bonding.

The Cleared for Takeoff 201 Global Online Course includes a safe and nurturing online community where you are fully supported in your desire to overcome your fear of flying.