Here is my highest recommendation of what you should do if you have anywhere between 7-60 days before your next flight!

Believe it or not, you have already taken the most challenging step - reaching out well ahead of your flight,  before your anxiety got the better of you!

When you follow the steps I have outlined for you below, my team and I guarantee that you will get on that next flight AND have a better experience doing it - or we'll give you your money back!

As I shared with you in our 15 Minute Coaching session, your best option to understand and overcome your fear of flying is to enroll in the Cleared for Takeoff 201 Global Online Course.
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You will find everything you need to successfully overcome your fear of flying in the links below:

CFT 201 Online Course

Click on the button below to reach the  CFT201  Information page. 

Not sure?  Watch Highlights

Click on the button below to watch a 10min course overview  by the FLF Crew.

Join the Fearless Flyer Club!

Join the world's first fearless flyer recurrent training program today and change your life!

What else can I do Capt Ron?

Again, the best way to overcome your fear of flying, whether your trigger is turbulence, claustrophobia or anticipatory anxiety, is to enroll in the CFT201

In addition, my team and I also created a toolkit which is designed to bring you IMMEDIATE RELIEF! This tool has been the most popular fear of flying relief for over 22 years now. It is called the FearlessFlight® Kit.

If you have gone through the Cleared for Takeoff 201 Global Online Course and find that you want to carry an ace up your sleeve as you are about to board your next flight, I highly recommend you consider getting access to the FearlessFlight® Kit before your flight. 

The FearlessFlight Kit

Click on the button below to reach the  FearlessFlight Kit Information page. 

Not sure? Sample the FFK!

Click on the button below to listen to a 5min sample of the FFK Harmonizer Audio.

Watch a Demo

Watch a 5min demo of Capt Ron walking you through the FFK on your phone.